Everything you thought you knew but didn’t know and
certainly may want to know about owning and
driving a motorbike. Words by Hoa Le.
Photos by Yves Schiepek

Forget Clarkson, Hammond and May, Nick Ross and Yves Schiepek bypassed Top Gear and tried the motorbikes on Vietnam’s roads for themselves. Eight test-driven vehicles later, and not even a scratch to blight that perfect bodywork, together they managed to get an insight into locally-available bikes that can get you from more than just A to Z


The days when gourmands in Vietnam could only choose from expensive imported fare are pretty much over. Across the country, artisanal producers are crafting international-style foods that spotlight local ingredients, from chorizo to gelato. Here are nine of our favorites.

The Philippines

When the most intense storm ever to make landfall ripped through The Philippines, Bea Nguyen, like many of us, tried to find how her goodwill would fit into the void left by Typhoon Haiyan.

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