Ao Show Behind the scenes

Seventeen pairs of bare feet are poised on stage, staggered in equally numbered lines facing each other, knuckles tensed and heels lifted.

Dong Ho Village

As we arrive at Dong Ho Village on the southern bank of Duong River, the gentle rain is cooling the heat of a late summer’s day. The streets are quiet, few people are out walking and only the occasional motorbike, loaded with plastic bags of colourful paper products, passes us by.

Ha Dong - Silk Village

Walk around Hanoi’s Old Quarter, especially Hang Gai, and it won’t be long before you’re enticed to enter a shop to peruse the cheap silk products on offer. From table runners to elegant dressing gowns and ao dai, as well as a multitude of scarves of varying quality, there’s something to suit every taste and price point.

Tea Plantation

“You don’t need a guide,” says the heavily made up receptionist. “You can go everywhere by yourself.”

Hang En

Nick Ross and Francis Roux took a grueling, two-day trip to Hang En, the cave of a hundred thousand swallows

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