Bob Sinclar

Rarely do top DJs digress from the standard touring route to take in the humble environs of Vietnam. But one certain French producer and disc-spinner found his way to Ho Chi Minh City in early May. Photos by Alexandre Garel

If ever a show was to prove controversial, it was the one that brought A-list, world-famed DJ Bob Sinclar to Saigon.

The issue wasn’t the name, it was the price. VND400,000 entrance to Blanchy’s Tash, VND2 million to get into the middle floor where Sinclar would take to the decks, and then over VND20 million for a table of 10, drinks included.

Bob Sinclar

Fortunately the naysayers and growlers out there were proved wrong. Arriving in Saigon on his birthday, Bob Sinclar proved such a sellout that queues appeared outside the venue long before he took to the decks. If anything had the look of a nightclub in the developed but bankrupt world beyond, it was this, the line of punters waiting to get in. Even the bouncers were out en masse.

Bob Sinclar

Word’s photo editor Alexandre Garel was tasked with following the big man around for the day. From just before the 2pm press conference, through the afternoon with massage thrown in for fun, during dinner and then into the early hours of the next morning at the after party at Last Call, he rarely left the guy’s side. The day was tiring, the promoters were nervous, and Sinclar was visibly fatigued. Yet the teetotaler and health fanatic acted the superstar part.

Bob Sinclar

“He was really down to earth,” says Alexandre with a smile. “He wasn’t big-headed at all and he was surprised to discover I was French. It provided a connection between the two of us.”

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