Based on an article published in on Thanh Nien’s website in July, it seems there is more to the problems people are now facing with visa renewal than was at first thought.


Taxis in New York


Among the realms of taxi drivers there is always a small minority of scoundrels. In Saigon, though, this small minority seems to be getting larger.


A recent email that did the rounds ended up collecting together four anecdotes on taxi scams. The first was sent out on Mar. 18 by a resident of An Phu to the An Phu Neighbours group on Google (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The Nigerian Community in Saigon

Vietnam is now used to an influx of foreigners. In 2007 the country saw 3.6 million overseas visitors enter the country, a 3.7% increase on the previous year and although no precise figures exist, it is thought that anything from 80,000 to 120,000 foreigners now live in Vietnam.


Recession? What recession?

While the world continues to fret and predict doomsday, we in Vietnam are not in an ‘R’ – a recession. We are growing and will continue to do so.


Visa problems in Vietnam are causing concern 

The six-month, multiple-entry working visa for Vietnam has never been anything to get concerned about. Go through an agent and no documents are required except your passport, and no questions are asked. The cost is around US$95 and within a week of making the form-less application, your passport is returned, all stamped and official.


Understanding the visa and permit process for foreigners living in VIetnam

No clear information is readily available on what you are entitled to if you want to visit or work in Vietnam. So, to follow is a rundown of what foreign nationals can apply for.



The folks behind the New Hanoian have achieved something that few others have in Vietnam, a website generated by user-based content where users can express their thoughts and ideas on restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and other businesses in Hanoi.


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