Wonder why you get a mix of reactions when you have encounters with your Vietnamese hosts? Vu Ha Kim Vy explains why Vietnamese act as they do when they meet a ‘foreigner’

Photo by Nick Ross

Despite being surrounded by Vietnamese eateries, the multiple award-winning Song Que is probably the most successful Vietnamese restaurant in London. Yet it remains very down to earth. Its owners, Lot and Anh, tell their story. Photo by Nick Ross

With over 50 restaurants in the capital now catering for vegetarians and vegans, binning the meat in Hanoi is more than a passing fad. Words by Eduardo Culbeaux

We all like to eat well, but what happens when you get on the wrong side of the food chain? Words by Siân Kavanagh

Nick Ross likes to avoid the limelight, but considering he’s been at the helm of this rag for 100 issues, maybe now is about time

Photo by KTA

Professional kiteboarding tries out a new location — Phan Rang. Words by Jon Aspin

Pham Van Quang. Photo by Julie Vola

Deep in Hanoi’s Old Quarter sits the workshop of woodworker Pham Van Quang. Words by Emily Petsko. Photos by Julie Vola

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