Planning an attack. Photo provided by George Burchett

For the next 14 issues, Word is presenting excerpts from Wilfred Burchett’s seminal account of the American War. A close friend of Ho Chi Minh, Burchett was the only westerner to be embedded with the Viet Cong frontlines in the early 1960s. This work was written in 1964

On the trail of inspiration, some brave souls head abroad for a different perspective and numerous cups of coffee. Words by Katie Jacobs. Photos by David Harris

Is it reallly the weather in Vietnam that makes people sick?

Dumbfounded by how so many illnesses are diagnosed as symptoms of changing weather in Vietnam, Karen Hewell digs into how and why the reasoning came to be — and why it endures. Photos by Julie Vola

The Peranakan Museum in Singapore

The mixed race Asians of the past known as the Straits Chinese or Peranakans were mainly Chinese-Malay. Today’s mixed-race Asians are a bit of everything. Words by Nick Ross. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

The top five events this month in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

An image of the future Saigon Metro System

Work on the Saigon Metro System is in full flow. But not everyone’s jumping for joy.

Vietnam’s suburbs now have a life of their own. But at what cost?

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