Minh Do always carries his rule book, The Game, by his side and as a self-confessed player who knows the scene, he says there are three kinds of women when it comes to dating in Saigon. So, we gave him a chance to mouth off


With dating in Saigon, you've got some key stereotypical chicks you have to watch out for. What's best for you is definitely up to what you want out of dating in Saigon. Do you want to get to know Vietnamese culture or do you want a fulfilling balanced relationship? Do you want a wife? Do you want someone experienced or inexperienced? These are questions you're going to have to answer for yourself, despite the below.


The Viet Kieu Broad: A Scary but Delightful Combo

The Viet Kieu girl is a combination of the desperate white westerner and the exotic Vietnamese girl. She knows Vietnamese, but she refuses to date Vietnamese men who are inherently chauvinistic. The danger is Viet Kieu women can be know-it-alls about a place they only moved to a year ago and a language they pretend to know. And yet, they combine the sexiness of a Vietnamese girl with the educated sophistication of a westerner. That means she's got style but she might be a bit higher maintenance.


The White Western Hussy: Desperate Yet Sophisticated

In a world of hot young scantily clad Vietnamese girls, the white woman finds herself a white daisy in a sea of yellow orchids. Most western men come here hunting for the exotic tigress and completely ignore these pale-faced beauties. She'll be desperate, yet educated. She'll probably be an English teacher with lots of complaints about Vietnamese culture but with a thirst for adventure. She'll have high standards, but she'll be willing to try affordable eats for something different and exotic. But beware; you're not going to learn much of Vietnam from her, just a lot of her opinions on how things work.


The Local Flavour: Exotic Yet Inexperienced

There's the virginal pretty girl up from a remote province a long bus ride away from Saigon. There's the foreign-educated Saigonite with a chip on her shoulder and a few foreign friends in her pocket. There's the independent-minded entrepreneur who may or may not live with her parents, but she's still got a curfew. There's everything in between from the ones fluent in English to the ones with no English at all.


Like Vietnam, local women have a lot to prove. They can be exquisitely sweet and really know how to take care of you. On the other hand, beware the whiney, nagging, needy side of them. It's a double-edged sword. But the plus is you'll really get to know Vietnam from the inside out. She'll challenge your perceptions, just be careful she doesn't pander to everything you think.

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