We, at Word, are an equal opportunity publication. So we had to get the other side of the story from a woman’s perspective. While Stephanie Cantrell and Christine Van both agree that though there are many varieties of men out there, it’s still slim pickings


The Native: Me Tarzan, You Jane

Size is often everything and for many, slightly larger women from overseas, Vietnamese men just don’t weigh up. Add language barrier to the equation and not even The Love Boat will dock at this port. What they lack in size they make up for in the woo-factor. Vietnam’s males know how to go all out — with flowers in hand and a Celine Dion song in their heart, these guys can romance the stars back into your eyes. However, in the cesspool that is the dating scene here, the Vietnamese man is an anchovy among sharks. But hey, some people like anchovies on their pizza.


The Fusion Man: East Meets West

Take exotic Asian eyes, black hair and brown skin, add western etiquette and culture, then mix equally for the perfect man. These blended specimens seem to do well with both the foreign and local girls, putting them in high demand and, along with their big ego, making them pretty hard to tie down. It’s definitely worth it trying to acquaint yourself with this breed because even if nothing romantic comes out of it, you’ve got a translator for life.


The Old Timer: Who’s Your Daddy?

Living on an overseas pension and surviving on beer, grandpa is usually identified by his bulging stomach hanging over the waistline and the young Vietnamese woman tagging along behind him. Armed with stories of wars or “how things used to be back in the days”, these old-timers are here to educate the country’s youth, albeit mostly women. They tend to marry a lot of them, too.


The Starry-Eyed Backpacker: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

These un-dateable, one-night guys come and go within the blink of a drunken eye. Sporting their Vang Vieng Tubing vests and a healthy tan, the gist of conversations tend to be, “Hello, Welcome to Vietnam!” followed by, “Don’t miss your bus trip,” the morning after.

Their enthusiasm and excitement for all things ‘Nam is infectious and you’ll have them hanging on your every word with tales of life in Saigon. But don’t be too disappointed when they trek off to their next destination leaving you with nothing more than a hangover and a visit to the clinic.


The Others

They range from teachers and entrepreneurs to businessmen and those with the first name “DJ”. The yellow-fever infected variety won’t give you the time of day, so busy are they living as big fishes in a small pond called Saigon. Not being able to find success and/or hot chicks in their home countries, they have stumbled over to Asia with their most valuable assets — their white skin and passport. Though it has been known to happen, don’t expect a long-term relationship. The transient lifestyle here calls for equally transient romantic liaisons. And the small social circles that exist in Saigon provide too much opportunity for awkward run-ins with past flames.


Whichever type you end up dating, it's healthy to know that there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. Despite their tendencies, each of those men and women out there are unique unto themselves.

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