Karen Hewell

Karen Hewell

Karen Hewell hails from the great state of Arizona, but in a desperate bid to escape the clutches of the American Southwest/Joe Arpaio, she relocated to Vietnam in 2012. Ever-argumentative and prone to existential debates, Karen gravitates toward stories that she doesn't mind pulling an all-nighter researching. That, and she's always looking for a reason to pour another coffee. You can follow her at twitter.com/kaziverden

Friday, 08 January 2016 07:51

High-Resolution Coach

With 2016 entering our horizon, Karen Hewell decided to make some changes to her life. Her solution? Hire the services of London-based life coach, Chi Phan

After years of forking out “foreign” entrance fees at dozens of tourist attractions around Southeast Asia, Karen Hewell digs into what’s really going on behind the double standard — and if it’s really as unfair as it seems

Friday, 12 December 2014 00:20

It’s (Not) The Weather

Is it reallly the weather in Vietnam that makes people sick?

Dumbfounded by how so many illnesses are diagnosed as symptoms of changing weather in Vietnam, Karen Hewell digs into how and why the reasoning came to be — and why it endures. Photos by Julie Vola

photo source: pressfoto.com

I am from the great state of Arizona — known for the Grand Canyon, our sheriff driving a tank into a house with Stephan Seagal, and children suffering third degree burns from pavement. As a native of the great American southwest and a proud owner of an industrial-sized bottle of aloe vera lotion, before coming to Vietnam, I fancied myself an expert on heat.

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