The work of Hanoi-based artist Sam Murdoch is more than the graffiti for which he is best known. Words by Julie Vola


Sam Murdoch has an acute sense of observation that he transcribes with a personal style on murals with Mau Colour collective, with digital illustration or on sketchbooks.


“An approach I often take with my personal work is drawing scenes, characters or objects I find interesting or beautiful, and interpreting them in my own graphic style,” says Sam. “This may involve distorting part of the image to enhance a visual or experiential aspect. In turn it sometimes produces a surreal outcome.”


You can follow his work on his website or instagram @mudrok



Hanoi Movements


“If you have lived in Hanoi for more than a few months, you might have noticed how the locals take full advantage of the public spaces throughout the city. ‘Hanoi movements’ is a series of character animations I am working on based on the movements of people during the early and late hours of the day when the air is at its coolest and the streets are at their quietest. From T’ai chi, strength training and evening techno aerobics, these scenes will always be vivid in my mind and make me smile.”




“My parents used to own some white and blue Chinese ceramics. I always found the artwork striking and since then have always loved the artwork painted on Asian ceramics and the pieces themselves as objects. These studies of vases are some graphic experiments looking at Vietnamese ceramics.”





“I tend to be most productive with my sketchbook when I travel. I think it’s because when you are on the move you experience new scenes and people every day, meaning that there are a lot of new and exciting things to draw. Due to this rich source of new information my illustrations and ideas can flow quite naturally. Sometimes I will draw something and later develop it into a print or build on it to develop an animation.”

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