With little official help for people living with disabilities, it falls to businesses and social enterprises to provide employment opportunities.

A wealth of eating, drinking and café options are now at the disposal of residents of Phu My Hung. Matt Cowan checks out what’s available.

As Hanoi’s urban sprawl spreads its tentacles, a new project is under way to counteract the ugliness of development; the planting of one million trees. But will it make a difference?

There’s an obsession with English Premier League football in Vietnam. Thomas Barrett spends the night with a local arm of the Arsenal Supporters Club to find out what it’s all about.

30 years ago Vietnam suffered from widespread malnutrition. Now its type 2 diabetes that is affecting people’s health.

Not all modern-day photography is digital, as proven by a project which is processing photos in a format once used to create architectural and engineering blueprints.

Looking for somewhere to picnic? Here are some places in and around Hanoi where you can lay your blanket down.

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