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When the international press gave coverage to the Lunar New Year, Vietnam with its 90 million people only got one line. South Korea, who celebrate Seollal, were also brushed to the side. Instead the stakes all went to China, Taiwan and Singapore, and something called the Year of the Sheep. We don’t have sheep in Vietnam.

But as ever this Tet the flower markets up and down this country packed themselves to the hilt, the fireworks lit up the midnight-hour sky, the pagodas filled with the overpowering smell of too much incense, and people talked about luck, health, happiness and money as they welcomed in The Year of the Goat.


Our creative director, Mads Monsen, was able to get a lens-eye view of the fireworks going off behind Saigon’s tallest building, The Bitexco Tower. This year, we believe, should be a good one. Not just for Ho Chi Minh City, whose boom has never quite stopped, but for the whole country.


Fingers crossed.

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