An Lam’s private residences may only be a few short kilometres from the non-stop rough and tumble of central Ho Chi Minh City, but when pulling up by boat to its tranquil docks perched along the riverbank, few places feel further away from the urban jungle than does this peaceful corner of the Saigon River.

Although now one of Saigon’s most luxurious getaways, An Lam began as a local man’s best kept secret. Nestled in emerald foliage, the site on the Binh Duong side of the river was originally a single hidden villa — a secluded weekend getaway for An Lam’s founder, Mr. Lam, and his family. Eventually, the villa would become the family’s permanent residence, but eager to share the jungle sanctuary, one by one new villas were soon constructed. Each was deliberately designed to pay homage to the surrounding natural beauty that would eventually inspire the resort’s name — an for peaceful, and lam for nature.




Seclusion and Harmony


Now home to 15 villas nestled into the lush jungle brush, An Lam maintains its air of secrecy and seclusion. Every element — from the warm wooden interiors to the woven bamboo accents — is crafted in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. Modern simplicity is mixed with charming Asian motifs like the outdoor bar’s glowing jewel-toned lanterns, which dot the overhanging canopy of lush jungle trees.


But perhaps the most beautiful element is the location itself — nestled along the Saigon River and peering out across the silent waters. The soundtrack of chirping birds and the lapping of water under the docks couples perfectly with the gentle, constant flow of the river.




When it comes to what makes An Lam Saigon River so uncommonly peaceful, maybe Hal Boyle says it best: “What makes a river so restful is that it doesn’t have any doubt — it is sure to get where it’s going, and it doesn’t want to go anywhere else.”


Sitting on the docks at An Lam, there’s certainly nowhere else you’d rather be. — Karen Hewell


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