September 2014


Photos by David Harris


After much built-up, Italian artist Barbara Pellizzarifi finally opened her exhibition, Attini - Images if the Ordinary at Casa Italia

September 2014


Photos by Phil Deans


The Sailing Club in Nha Trang celebrated Independence Day on the beach with all that hedonistic independence they're so famous for

September 2014


Photos provided by Brooks Brothers


The arrival of one of the US's best known top-end clothing brands adds another pin to the pin cushion of Ho Chi Minh City fashion options

September 2014


Photos by Glen Riley


The acclaimed AO Show aren't just stopping with one production. Now they've got two - their second show, Mist, was previewd in September

September 2014


Photos provided by AIS


Mickey and his wide cohort of furry friends descended on the Australian International School last month as part of a tour that brought Mickey's Magic Show to Vietnam

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