Poetry Night. Photo by Trung Del

Courtesy of Ajar Press, a night of bilingual poetry, wine and readings descended on Blue Bird’s Nest Café

The Hanoi Beer Festival. Photo by Jesse Meadows

Vietnam loves its beer, and this year’s Hanoi Beer Festival brought in over 50 options for the thirsty among us to imbibe and enjoy

Gibbon It Up. Photo by Trung Del

FFI put on a night at the Summit Lounge to raise much-needed funds to help the plight of Vietnam’s gibbons

Run for Cover. Photo by Csaba Molnar

‘Twas Halloween. ‘Twas the night the bands dressed up as their favourite rock stars, and ‘twas the night that half of Saigon turned up at Cargo Bar for the fun

Premier of Spectre. Photo by Francis Xavier

They came, they saw, and they dressed to impress. The 007 and Bond girl lookalikes flocked to the cinema Mega GS for the premier of the best-known movie franchise on the planet

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