The Melbourne Cup Lunch at Lubu. Photo by Francis Xavier

Cup day is big in Australia, and from the turn-out on Nov. 3 at Lubu in Saigon's District 2, it's equally big with the Down Under 'diaspora' in Vietnam. As is the fashion on big race days, the fashionistas were in full swing. Hats, stunning dresses, bubbly and all the fun of the fair.

CAMA Turns 10. Photo by Trung Del

A decade ago there was no such thing as foreign DJs playing in Hanoi, or bands flying in from overseas to entertain the crowds. CAMA changed all that. Without them, what we have now would not have come to pass. 10 years? Bottom’s up, guys! You done great!

Le Soleil. Photo by Jesse Meadows

From out of nowhere, Le Soleil has become the late night venue of choice in the Tay Ho area. Hot, sweaty, and fuelled by great pizzas from Paolo & Chi, dancing and DJ-spun music goes on here into the early hours.

The Wave EDM Music Festival. Photo by Trung Del

Event organizers, Escape, teamed up with Eden Garden to bring a Halloween-fueled night of big beats and even bigger crowds to Hanoi’s premier outdoor venue. With Cosmic Gate and Angemi leading the proceedings, the heavily made-up festival-goers went wild.

Zombie Run @ HRC. Photo by Julie Vola

’Tis Halloween. ’Tis the night of the dead, or the living dead as some like might to say. Which is why HRC organised a Zombie Run through the streets of Hanoi. Participants had to battle their way through hellish nightmare after hellish nightmare with zombies groveling every turn. Only those with the agility, intelligence, courage and intuition were able to survive. Were YOU one of them? Did you live to tell your ghoulish tale?

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