The Belgian Beer Festival @ The American Club. Photo by Julie Volaa

Just when the Germans were thinking they can have it their own way, an emissions problem creeps up, all hell breaks lose, and new drivers enter the market. In this case, it's the Belgians, with their second annual festival at The American Club. And, ho, hum, diddly, dee, wasn't it just a wonderful night!

Beer Fest @ Saigon Outcast. Photo by Francis Xaviera

Not to be outdone by all those Deutsche festivities around town, Saigon Outcast played host to its very own version of the beer festival, with craft beer, live music, comedy and amber-coloured swill galore. As for dancing on the tables? Well, maybe not.

Oktoberfest at Windsor Plaza. Photo by Kyle Phanroy

It was wild, it was whacky and as in previous years, it had people dancing on the tables. And yes, we can confirm, they didn't even break. So sturdy was this year's piss-up in the name of that annual Munich beer festival we love to hate to love, that thousands of revellers turned up at the Windsor Plaza for a night of fine beer, German cuisine, oompah music and Jagermeister. This one was a winner. To see a video of the event, click here:

Tapas and Freixenet. Photo by Francis XavierA

Spanish cava from Freixenet, tapas made by a Michelin-star chef, and a to-die-for paella cooked up by local chef of Lubu fame, Kylie Cawood. All these elements came together last month and bubbles affair at Annam Gourmet Market in District 1.

A Fictional Journey. Photo by Francis Xavier

Trong Lee's illustrations of this city are eye-opening and inspiring. So much so that last month Vin Gallery started a month-long exhibition of his work. The showcase continues until mid-October

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